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Best Paint Colors to Sell your House for More Money!

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

When deciding to sell your home, orange walls may not be the best choice. More than likely your home will sit on the market for quite some time.

When I'm touring with buyers, often I tell them to look past the paint colors and look at the bones of the house. But that doesn't work very often and it's up to the homeowner to help buyers picture their furniture and belongings in their home. Distracting paint colors can make it extremely difficult to use their imagination.

You, the seller will need to remove yourself from your home. Remember its the home you are trying to sell, not your personal items. 

Let's go room by room on which paint colors help sell your home for more.

Kitchens Although white kitchens are all the rage right now, this will not last. Homeowners are starting to realize that white kitchens are a pain to clean. Instead buyers are opting for kitchens with blue/gray hues. Remember there needs to be contrast though. If you have blue/gray walls, you will need white cabinets. If you have white walls you can opt for blue/gray cabinets. On average a home with a kitchen with blue/ gray hues sells for $1800 more. A color to avoid in the kitchen? Yellow. On average homes with yellow kitchens sell for $820 less.

Bathrooms Blue isn't just for the kitchen. A light blue bathroom creates a relaxing, spa-like experience. On average, homes with light blue bathrooms sold for $5500 more money. A color to avoid in the bathroom? White. Homes with white bathrooms have sold for over $4000 less! That's crazy!

Bedrooms Bedrooms with a range of cruelean sell on average for more money. Wondering what cruelean is? Cruelean is a range of blues ranging from sky blue to teal. A color to avoid in the bedroom? Pink. Bedrooms with pink walls on average the home has sold for $208 less.

Living Room This is the one room that blue will not help you sell for more. Homes with blue living rooms on average sell for $820 less. Instead opt to paint the walls a beige or gray. It makes the living room feel welcoming and cozy and on average sell a home for $2000 over asking price. 

Dining Room Blue/gray (starting to see a pattern) adding white furnishings to the space for contrast on average the home sell for almost $2000 more. A color to avoid in the dining room? Red. Side note: Red is the worst color to paint any room in your home. On average homes with a red dining room sell for $2000 less than asking.

Front Door/Entry way A home with a navy front door and a light gray entryway on average sell for $1500 more. 

No doubt beige, gray, and a range of blue are the colors of choice. Choosing these colors will not only help your home sell faster, they will also help your home to sell for more money!

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